2083646022_1d5c4f2383Islamic Thought is a discipline that covers a wide range of areas of research on Qur’an, Hadith, Islamic History, Philosophy, Tasawwuf, Islamic Political System and Islamic Methodology in these disciplines, etc. Islamic Research Institute provides means of research in this foremost area of Islamic scholarship. IRI works to pursue realistic programme of research on different topics of this discipline.


Objectives of the Department

The department of Islamic Thought was established to:

  • To contribute in research on various themes of Islamic Thought.
  • To facilitate publication of books, monographs, articles and occasional papers on different areas of Islamic Thought.
  • To organize seminars, conferences, workshops and extended lecturers on Islamic Thought.

The department of Islamic Thought, Islamic Research Institute, is responsible for research on various dimensions of Islamic Thought. This department has coordinated a considerable number of books, articles, occasional papers and monographs that have been published by IRI and well accepted by the scholars. The department is also responsible to organize conferences, seminars, workshops and extended lecturers on a wife range of Islamic Thought as it has organized such academic activities in the past.

The department is also responsible to facilitate the journals of Islamic Research Institute in the process of evaluation of research articles that are written on various topics of Islamic Thought.


Conferences/ Seminars 

  1. Series of papers presented on Leaders of Muslim Thought in 18th century sub-continent (Urdu) out of which eleven were edited and compiled by Dr. Muhammad Khalid Masud and published by Islamic Research Institute, IIU, Islamabad in 2008.
  2. International Conference on Imam Abu Hanifa Life, Thoughts and Contribution, held in 1998. A compilation of nine articles (Urdu) was published by Islamic Research Institute in 2006.
  3. A number of in-house seminars were held in past years on Islamic Thought by the Department of Islamic Thought.
  4. This tradition will continue in future too.


Academic Facilities

The department has following facilities for various activities relating to research on wide range of topics of Islamic Thought:

  • The department has huge data base resource centre in shape of books, articles and other related material which are on various dimensions of Islamic Thought.
  • Scholars from Pakistan and abroad can utilize these sources in Dr.Muhammad Hamidullah Library of Islamic Research Institute.


Dr Muhammad Hamiduallah Library has a number of rare manuscripts on Islamic Thought. Scholars are welcomed to utilize them for their research works.

Event Organizing Facilities 

The department can utilize various facilities for event management that are available at Islamic Research Institute (IRI) and IIUI such as Quaid e Azam Auditorium, Allama Iqbal Auditorium, Dr. Muhammad Hamidullah Library, IRI Seminar Room and IRI Press in Faisal Masjid Campus, Islamabad.


Postal Address:

Department of Islamic Thought

Islamic Research Institute

International Islamic University

Faisal Masjid Campus

P.O. Box 1035


E-mail: [email protected] &


Contact Person:

Dr. Iftikhar ul Hasan Mian

Assistant Professor

[email protected]