iri-gallery-03Essential to the implementation of the publication programme is a modern printing facility. The Institute has a well-equipped and self-sufficient printing press. It is equipped with an advanced computerized phototypesetting system and modern offset printing machinery.

A unique feature of the IRI Press is its composing versatility. It has been composing texts in Urdu, Arabic, Bengali, Persian, Turkish, Spanish and English languages, intermixing them and inserting accents/diacritical marks, which are essential requirements of scholarly publishing. Its latest innovation is a self-modified Electronic composer for the composing of Turkish language, available with no other press in Pakistan.



Apart from the Institute’s publications, the IRI Press has also been accommodating all kinds of printing requirements of the University and its constituent units as well as a government and other institutions of higher learning. A regular feature of the IRI Press has been the printing of the Institute’s three journals which are well recognized for their contents and are circulated in 30 countries of the world.

The IRI Press, no doubt, has played an important role in helping the Institute achieve high standards in printing and publishing.