Policy Document of IRI Journals (PDF)




Updated and revised as per decision of IRI Council in its

11th meeting held on 27.10.2017 and as approved by

IIU BOG in its 82nd meeting held on 20.07.2018

Chapter No. 4


Instructions for the Submission, Review and Publication of Articles in IRI Journals

The Islamic Research Institute (IRI), International Islamic University, Islamabad has adopted a distinct policy of blind peer-review for its publications since its inception. The relevant instructions in this regard are as follows: –

  1. The term IRI Journals will be used for following quarterly refereed Journals being published by IRI: –

        i. Islamic Studies;

        ii. Fikr-o Nazar

       iii. Al-Dirāsāt al-Islāmiyyah

       iv. Any other journal to be published by the Institute

  1. IRI Journals are HEC approved journals; therefore the HEC criteria along with IRI’s own standards will be maintained in publication of quality research papers in IRI Journals.
  1. Each IRI Journal will maintain its diverse editorial board and advisory board as per HEC criteria.
  1. IRI Journals will follow guidelines issued by HEC time to time.
  1. All journals must fulfill HEC criteria for maintaining its current status or up-gradation into the next category.
  1. IRI journals must ensure that no typographical errors occur in text of the Al-Qur’ān and Hadith. The accuracy of quotations and references must also be ensured. Moreover, the editors must ensure that verses of the Al-Qur’ān and text of Hadith are copied from authentic e-sources (e.g. Mushaf al-Madinah) for the purpose of clarity and avoiding reading mistakes.
  1. Language and style of articles should be up to mark. Transliteration of non-English words should be made in accordance with that of the IRI/Islamic Studies format.
  1. Each IRI Journal must follow uniform format of endnotes/footnotes/referencing throughout the Journal.
  1. It is the responsibility of the Editors of IRI Journals that nothing repugnant to mainstream Islamic teachings is included in IRI journals. The article published in the journal must be in accordance with the mission and objectives of IIUI and IRI. The article must not contribute to hate literature, extremism, sectarianism and anti-State views.
  1. Each article must be based on original research, exploring new dimensions of knowledge.
  1. Each IRI Journal will update its list of experts/evaluators for evaluation of articles on the basis of following format:
Sr. No. Name, Address and Designation of the Experts Contact information

Email, Phone No., etc.



  1. Each IRI journal will prepare a comprehensive style and formation policy and devise guidelines for reviewers.
  1. The minimum qualification for an evaluator of IRI journals’ articles will be an Assistant Professor or equivalent with Ph.D. in the relevant discipline.
  1. The evaluator of an article must be of the equal rank or above from the rank of the author of the article e.g. an article authored by an Assistant Professor must be evaluated by an expert who should be an Assistant Professor or above. An article submitted by a professor will only be evaluated by a person who is a professor himself or herself.
  1. The policy of blind peer-review will strictly be maintained and authors will not be informed about the particulars of the evaluators.
  1. Each IRI Journal will develop a pro forma to facilitate the process of blind peer review. This pro forma along with guidelines for evaluation of the articles will be sent to evaluators along with articles preferably in soft form.
  1. Each IRI Journal will maintain its website. The policy and style formation of each journal will be placed on the website. Soft copies of the journals/published articles will also be made available on the website.
  1. Along-with traditional methods of submissions of articles, online article submission system will also be devised.
  1. Proper soft article submission record system will be maintained and all record of the accepted/rejected and accepted conditionally articles will be maintained.
  1. On receipt of an article for publication, any of the editors or any internal member of the Editorial Board will do initial review of the article.
  1. The author will be bound to submit a certificate showing that this is his or her original work and was not previously submitted for publication elsewhere.
  1. The further process of the article for blind peer-review will be initiated only if apparently the article meets minimum standards of IRI Journals.
  1. If the article is rejected at the initial stage, the reasons will be recorded and presented in the meeting of the Editorial Board of the concerned IRI journal.
  1. If the article at the initial review is considered appropriate for further process of review then it will be processed for blind review as per IRI Policy in confidentiality. The article will also be checked for plagiarism by the Editor/Assistant Editor before commencement of the peer-review process.
  1. If the Editor of a journal is a full professor or associate professor then he will appoint a minimum of two evaluators for blind peer-review of the article from the panel approved by IRI Research and Training Advisory Committee.
  1. If the Editor of the journal is less than a professor or associate professor then the evaluators for peer review of the articles will be appointed with the approval of the Director General of IRI.
  1. Maximum effort will be made to ensure that at least one evaluator of each article is from abroad.
  1. After the completion of the peer-review of an article, the reviewers will be paid remuneration as per the approved rates. If an evaluator agrees he can be given books equal to the amount of his remuneration instead of cash.
  1. After review of the articles, the authors will be informed about the opinions of the reviewers without mentioning their names and will be required to update their articles as per the observations of the reviewers.
  1. Before the publication of an article, Editors and Assistant Editors of IRI Journals will work closely with the authors to improve the manuscript as per IRI Journals’ format.
  1. After completion of all process the articles will be included in the issues of the Journals as per IRI policy.
  1. Regular meetings of IRI Journals’ Editorial Boards will be held to review the process of publication of the Journals.
  1. The Editorial Boards may evaluate critically the recent issues for improvement in the upcoming issues of the journals.
  1. Efforts for maximum circulation of IRI Journals through the Internet and post will be made in collaboration with the editors, publication and marketing department of IRI.