IRI holds Condolence Reference of Dr. Zafar Ishaq Ansari (Late)

Professor Emeritus Dr. Zafar Ishaq Ansari (Late) was paid rich tribute to his determined and untiring efforts and contributions for Islam and Muslim Ummah in the field of Theology, Inter-Faith Harmony, Law, Fiqh, Social Sciences and many other contemporary studies in a condolence reference which was held by Islamic Dr. Zafar Ishaq Ansari Reference 02Research Institute, International Islamic University Islamabad.

Dr. Zafar Ishaq Ansari died in the age of 85 and he was a founder member of IIUI and renowned scholar of Islamic Studies. He served university on key positions including Director General Islamic Research Institute, Dean Faculty of Shariah and Law, Vice President and President of the university.

The condolence reference was attended by Dr. Masoom Yasinzai, Rector IIUI, Dr. S M Zaman, Dr. Khalid Masood, Mr. Awais Ahmed Laghari, MNA, Sahibzada Dr. Sajid ur Rehman. Dr. Ansari authored dozens of books and articles on multidimensional topics related to religious theology and contributed a large number of research articles to journals of international repute and to Encyclopaedia Britannica and Encyclopaedia of Religions. In the recognition of his contributions and services university honoured Dr Zafar a status of Professor Emeritus.

Dr. Masoom in his address termed the death of Dr.Ansari irreparable loss of the university and whole Muslim Ummh. “Dr. Ansari set comprehensive guidelines for the development of university and always determined for the cause of its progress”. Rector IIUI added. He further said that Dr. Ansari was true practicing Muslim who always thought moderation, peace and knowledge; he left precious asset of knowledge and research. Speakers discussed various aspects of his life and threw light on his research contributions which had earned worldwide recognition.

They said that Dr. Ansari served for whole Muslim Ummah with his contributions that he touched such topics and prospects of religion and Social Sciences. They were of the view that Dr. Ansari was precious asset of Muslim Ummah and his death deprived university and Muslim World from man of knowledge.

“His whole life was decorated with attributes of tolerance, patience, affection and he was a clement to his colleagues and sub-ordinates”. They said. Dr. Ansari obtained Dr. Zafar Ishaq Ansari Reference 01his M.A. and PhD from the Institute of Islamic Studies, McGill University, Montreal, Canada in 1966.

Dr. Ansari served as lecturer at Department of Oriental Studies, Princeton University, NJ, USA, he had been Professor of Islamic Studies &History at King Abdul Aziz University, Saudi Arabia, University of Melbourne, Australia, McGill University Montreal, Canada, University of Chicago, Chicago and number of other universities of the world. Dr. Bashir Khan, VP Academic, Dr. Muhammad Munir, VP Higher Studies and Research, Dr. Sohail Hassan, Director Dawah Academy, Dr. Zil ul Haq, Director IRI also threw light on Dr. Ansari’s life and his contributions.

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